The Ultimate Silhouette Print and Cut Guide formerly titled the Ultimate Silhouette Sticker Guide is an ebook and will be delivered as a download link/PDF. Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be issued. 

This ebook now includes a 15 page add-on chapter on Silhouette Studio V4 

What if I told could stop spending oodles and oodles on planner stickers and could make your own DIY stickers and other print and cut projects at home...or even start selling your own printable vinyl decals ?  What if I told you there's a secret to creating beautiful planner stickers that perfectly fit in your planner or organizer - no matter which one you use?  Today's your lucky day because I'm spilling it all in The Ultimate Silhouette Print and Cut Guide

The Ultimate Silhouette Print Guide Guide is a follow up to the original The Ultimate Silhouette Guide and builds on the basics learned in that bookWith a focus on how to make the perfect print and cut projects - whether that's stickers for your planner, temporary tattoos, print and cut paper projects or printable vinyl or htv decals with Silhouette, The Ultimate Silhouette Print and Cut Guide is just what planner addicts, small business owners, and crafters with an obsessions for print and cuts have been waiting for.
The third ebook in the Silhouette School series will teach you everything you need to know from avoiding the dreaded white line around print and cuts to perfectly sizing planner stickers to fit whatever planner you have to the secret to getting a professional-quality print at home or remotely.

If you've been frustrated with the Silhouette print and cut function, if you've been spending tons of money on printable sticker sheets while your Silhouette sits in the corner, if you've been wanting to convert cut files into print and cut designs or start your own custom sticker-making business but don't know where to start - The Ultimate Silhouette Print and Cut Guide is your one stop shop for all things print and cut

I'll point you to exactly where to find designs for personal and commercial-use print and cut designs and even how to turn dingbat fonts and regular cut files into beautiful custom print and cuts designs for printable vinyl decals or stickers!   Plus I'll share the best kept secret: my absolute favorite blank printable sticker sheets for the best print, price, cut and quality! 

I've literally jammed everything there is to know about how to make your own custom stickers into this 54 page ebook. I'll share tricks on the easiest way to make photo stickers, the best cut settings for printable and cuttable materials, and I'm revealing the home printer I have that gives me vibrant beautiful print and cut projects every.single.time. 

Still not convinced you're ready to spend what you would on a few sheets of stickers to invest in The Ultimate Silhouette Print and Cut Guide so you can make (and sell) your own??  Here's more of what you're getting:  
  • You'll learn the ins and outs of Silhouette print and cut from an expert Silhouette CAMEO and Portrait user and the blogger behind one of the most successful Silhouette blogs on the web, Silhouette School
  • Details on where to find personal-use and commercial-use designs and graphics for all your print and cut projects
  • A FREE set of optimally pre-sized planner sticker templates (compatible format)
  • A free sticker work area template so you can just add your sticker designs and print (compatible format)
    Silhouette Cameo CAMEO Silhouette Silhouette machine silhouette cameo sale silhouette cutter cameo machine silhouette cutting machine silhouette cameo starter kit bundle silhouette cameo projects silhouette plotter Printable Labels Daily Planner Printable Stickers Make Your Own STickers Print Stickers Planner Stickers Planners and Organizers Printable Sticker Sheets Free printable stickers Personal planner stickers at home DIY stickers round stickers
  • Print color test sheet so you know exactly how your Silhouette Studio color selections will print on your printer   
  • An extensive troubleshooting section to get you out of pretty much any print and cut jam
  • A list of recommended supplies, tools and materials including the best places to purchase them and my favorite sticker paper and printer
  • A complete list of cut settings for 5 different sticker materials
  • Printer settings and tips on how to get the best, most professional-looking prints at home
  • Step by step details on printing print and cuts remotely at a copy center    
  • A glossary of Silhouette print and cut 'lingo' so you have a firm understanding of the terminology
  • An ad-free guide means 100% information on every single page 
  • Guide is easily printable in full color or black and white 
  • Interactive table of contents which allows you to get where you want to go with just the click of the mouse 

The Ultimate Silhouette Print and Cut Guide is also available as part of a combo pack

Can I open the ebook on my iPad or other devices?  

Yes, but please keep in mind this ebook is a PDF file.   While it is not an official iBook or Kindle book it can be opened on other devices. However it is HIGHLY suggested you  first download onto a computer and then transfer the PDF file. 

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The copy center says they can't print the ebook because it's copyrighted. What do I do now?

Please contact me at and I will send you a written consent giving the purchaser the right to have the book printed.

About the Author

Melissa Viscount is the founder, owner, and editor of Silhouette School blog and the author of The Ultimate Silhouette Guide” and “5 Beginner Silhouette Tutorials for Get You Cutting Now”.

A SAHM to two young children, Melissa previously worked as a Television News Producer at three different NBC affiliates after graduating from Ithaca College. Following the birth of her oldest child in 2008, she stopped working outside the home to stay home and raise her children.

Melissa has been blogging, in several capacities for more than 7 years. In December 2013 she received a Silhouette Portrait for Christmas. Recognizing there was a need for beginner-focused tutorials and written instruction she launched Silhouette School in January 2014. Silhouette School immediately became a go-to source of information, tutorials, and project ideas for Silhouette users around the world.

In under two years, Melissa has established herself as an authority on all things Silhouette. To date more than 11 million people worldwide have read Silhouette School blog where an archive of over 600 Silhouette tutorial can be found. More than 7,000 copies of The Ultimate Silhouette Guide have sold in both paper and ebook version and Melissa's fleet of Silhouette machines has grown to include the Silhouette Portrait, CAMEO 1, CAMEO 2, Curio, and Mint.

Melissa lives in Delaware with her husband, Bob, and their two young children.